About me

Hi, If you haven’t guessed by now my name is Bill. I am mostly just an overweight, middle aged balding guy with a weird sense of humor and a lot of time on my hands.

Most of my days are spent at my day to day vocation. Most of the days I am a “Canine Concierge”. Which means basically I spend most of my day catering to the needs, wants and desires of an overly spoiled Yellow Lab named Happy. I am there when she wants food and water or to go outside or demands a treat (OH! The treats! If she is awake she wants a treat!).

If Happy is satisfied in her needs and desires I spend some of the day cleaning and taking care of my bunker which is hidden in an undisclosed location within a suburban neighborhood located somewhere in North America.

If all of my other duties have been taken care of I like to write. I would like to think I am going to be the next Hemingway, but lets face it I will be lucky to be on the same level of writer that writes the angry rants you read in the letter to the editor column of your local newspaper.

Some of my interests include Freemasonry, antique shaving equipment (Yes really) old TV and radio shows. Mostly anything retro and Apple technology. So you can see how exciting I am to talk to at parties (Especially since I have tried to cut back on my telling of dirty jokes and inappropriate humor)

If I the truth about me hasn’t scared you away yet I invite you to read some of my writing and check out the rest of the site. I hope to keep adding things to it as I can come up with something interesting to say!

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